Light and Rails (Digital)

These pictures were taken in same condition with below one.But this time I used a DSLR(digital single-lens reflex camera).I wanted to compare the digital camera with analog one at same situation.I think these were severe conditions to take pictures.But these situations often make beautiful monochrome photo.


The Zoo in Summer.

It is not rare case that recently in Japan the temperature of the day is over 40 degree(Celsius).In such a hot summer, how do animals spend the day in zoo ?
These pictures were taken before 20 years.It seemed to be hard that animals spent summer in the zoo from that time.


Spain (1997)

It was a nice trip from Spain to Portugal.

I was wandering the country side of Spain by bus. I saw many beautiful scenes.

I met a lot of wonderful people.

It was a hot summer.

And I will go to there again , after an interval of ten years.



Lisbon is a beautiful city.

I went to there from Spain just ten years ago by bus.

It was a fantastic trip and I took many pictures.


Summer festival in Japan

There are many traditional summer festivals in Japan.
Some of them are very exciting.Especially Hakata Gion Yamagasa is the best one.
It takes several weeks to grow up the festival.And its energy will explode in the last early morning.
But I like the process to reach the dynamism than itself.


Memories of Seattle

I like this city. It looks like Kobe in Japan or Pusan in Korea. I wandered around seaside in Seattle in the evening. I met a man in front of the public market. He was working at this market. He was very friendly. He introduced his friends to me, they were playing the guitars. I took their pictures. Then we sang a song together. It was a beautiful night.