Happy Hour!

I finished today's Norma (assigned work). I handed a bill my customer and I had a chance to meet Mr K,a chief of the company. But i missed having a lunch. In Roppongi I had a meeting of native check for my presentation in U.S.A. And now we are spending Happy Hour!


Impression of Russia!

I went to Russia last Summer. St.Petersburg,Moscow. It was a pleasant trip because I met my friend's family in St.Petersburg. I longed for Russia from childhood. (More photo!)


Japanese nostalgic trains (1963)

There are many pictures except steam locomotives. These were taken about fifty years before, but I remember clearly each of them. Now I feel good old days in these monochrome photos.


The good old days!

This photo was taken in 1992.

Ueno station is the terminal in Tokyo. It was connected northern part of Japan. I often traveled from here to Hokkaido. Before the appearance of Sinkansen,Many night trains started from here. I have a lot of memories in this station. It was the good old days in my life.


Bilbao in Spain.

I traveled Spain 4 times. I went to north part of Spain in 2008,so called Vasco. It was a interesting trip. I traveled Bilbao and Guernica.I enjoyed the summer holiday in Spain.



20 years have passed since my first visit to Spain.
Barcelona was beautiful.



I have never been to South America.
It seems far away from Japan.
But sometimes I imagine I will go there.

Few years ago I took an airplane from Helsinki to Warsaw.
Then I noticed that the airplane named Embraer170 made of Brazil.

Until then I did not know that Brazil has an airplane maker.
That was surprize. I wanted to know about Brazil.

Actualy I had a tiny one that was made of Brazil.
It was a small harmonica named Hering.
I love this harmonica.



Okinawa is the islands situated 2000Km south-west of Tokyo.
There are many beautiful sights and plenty of diferent cultures.
I went there 12 years ago for my business. I like there very much.

Other Photos

Tsushima Japan(2001)

Tsushima is the island that is situated near Korea.So I expected some effects of Korean culture. But...,this is my first impression of Tsushima.
Other Photos