We are all right!

This photo was taken in Yokohama my hometown.
I must talk about the damage of Japanese Tsunami.

I received some emails from abroad.
Maybe it became a big news in abroad.

Certainly the damage of Tsunami is beyond our imagination.
I think that more than 10,000 people probably died by this earthquake.
Condition of nuclear power plant is so bad state.

But this case is different from Chernobyl.
The Chernobyl was nuclear fission occured, but this time is the fuel rods a little melted.
The government and Japanese people are confused by big shock of Tsunami.

I just received the news that the rescuers saved a young man after 9 days from the earthquake.
My brother(age 66) in Yokohama climbed to the roof to repair TV antenna.

Please don't worry.
We are all right.

Thank you!

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